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Academic Rules

Rules and discipline are the most vital aspects of any system. Their adherence is mandatory for the members of the institution so that the day to day working becomes systematic. 
The Parents are expected to inform the school well in advance about all probabilities of delay and absence of their ward.
Prior written application and its approval by the principal is essential for absences of 3 days and more.
As per CBSE rules student’s eligibility to appear at the session ending assessment / examination is on attaining 75% and above attendance only.
Continuous absence from the school for seven days will lead to cancellation of name from the scholar’s register. Re-admission is such cases will be discretionary. An amount of Rs. 500/- will have to be paid by the parent in case re-admission is granted by the Principal. 
Attendance will be counted from the date of the beginning of the school session for old students and for new students it shall be from the date of admission.
All students are expected to attend the school on the closing day and the re-opening day after each break/vacation. 
Students coming to the school for whatever reason must compulsorily come in their school uniform
Students must look after their own belongings. They are not permitted to have money or valuable articles with them while they are at school. 
Students are not permitted to leave the school premises during school hours, expect in case of emergencies (under escort) and with the written permission of the Principal.  
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